Short and sweet

Nothing much to say today, and it is the weekend, so I normally won’t post (I think).

I asked Gavin to look after the house/plants/garden while Marnie and I are gone.  It’s easy money for him, but he is nervous about killing everything.  He’ll let me know on Sunday.  If he says no, there’s a company in town that will do it as well, for the same money we offered Gav.  So things should still live in this dry spell while we are gone.

We all went out for dinner to Marnie’s bosses house.  I set up their computer, and they fed us.  We all had a good time, I believe.  The kids had a blast, and another very late night.  We finally got them into bed at 10:30 or so.  Once again, Marnie and I carried them in and put them into their beds, already sleeping.

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