Threader War – Book Two of the Quantum Empirica

The second book of a new sci-fi series follows Darwin back to an alternate earth where powerful Threads have the power to alter reality.

After almost a year, the gate between worlds has opened again, and through it Darwin Lloyd hears the anguished screams of Teresa, the love he left behind. He returns to her world–one where quantum Threads can change or control reality and ordinary people can do extraordinary things.

But nothing is as he had left it. The Threads, though still plentiful, no longer respond the way they once had. Groups of Threaders must work together to perform even the simplest of tasks. Yet the Qabal continue to grow and create Skends to do their bidding.

With the changes, war has returned to the world, pitting the Qabal against the Threaders of SafeHaven and Forsyth. With the weakened Threads and the increase in Skends, SafeHaven is losing. Darwin’s return is greeted with hatred by some, and worship by others… all for the same reason. He changed the world by turning off the Source. Darwin needs to find Teresa, and reverse what he has done before the Qabal take away everything he loves about world he has entered.

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