Release Day for THE REBEL

Today is the official release day for The Rebel, book three in the San Angeles Series!

So many people help me create these books, and their support, encouragement, and reviews have been greatly appreciated. I don’t think I could have done any of the series without their support. Check out the acknowledgements at the beginning of each novel for specifics.

The Rebel is currently available in hard cover, ebook, and audio. The mass market paperback should be out in a year or so.

I’ll have an excerpt available shortly.

Here’s some praise for the San Angeles series:

“The Courier is lean and mean as Kris’s rugged ride, ripping through plot and world-building at a relentless pace… Brandt has created a darkly gripping vision of the future,” ―B&N Sci-fi Fantasy Blog

“Brandt’s supercharged sequel to The Courier continues the cyberpunk fun of the San Angeles series…. Brandt fleshes out an all-too-possible future of crushing poverty and corporate control, and the complex heroine who will lead us through to a better future.” —

“Brandt has created a fully-fleshed universe, filled with high tension, memorable villains, and plot twists by the dozen.” ―Barnes & Noble

“It felt a lot like the Bourne Identity movie except with a sci-fi setting and a relatable young girl as the protagonist. The Courier is a fast paced science fiction thriller, with a heroine you can really root for and a world you can’t wait to learn more about.” ―The Heroine Bookstore

“Gerald Brandt tells an impossible-to-put-down tale and introduces us to an exciting heroine I’d love to see more of.” ―University City Review

“The action does not let up. Brandt writes in a way that keeps the tale clear, and easy to follow…. Quick and violent, engaging and intense.” —On a Dark Stormy Review

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