New Trilogy Announcement

I have been sitting on this news for so long, it darn near killed me!

I am super excited to announce the sale of a science fiction trilogy to Sheila Gilbert at DAW Books, by Sara Megibow at kt Literary. Film rights represented by Jerry Kalajian of IPG.

Threader Origins – Book One of the Quantum Empirica is complete and will hopefully be on the schedule for a 2020 release. Threader War and Threader God (tentative titles) will most likely be out in 2021.

The Quantum Empirica trilogy follows Darwin Lloyd as he is thrown into an alternate universe, and discovers that his father’s experiments with quantum power has changed the way the world works. He must learn to survive and use the mysterious threads created by his dad’s machine to find a way back home before the same thing happens in his world. It would all be so easy, if only the Qabal didn’t want him dead and he hadn’t fallen in love with the first woman he met.

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    Sounds and seems like the only CONSTANT of any Universe is the fact that it is always the first woman you fall in Love with that gets us all in trouble!

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