Release Day for THE COURIER

Today is when North America gets to see THE COURIER in all of its glory. Some of the larger chains put it out last week, a tad early, but it gave me the opportunity to grab a picture or two. This sighting was unexpected, so I’m a little shabby looking, but there’s no hiding my smile. As you can see, thanks to my last name, I have prime real estate been Ray Bradbury and David Brin.

A motorcycle courier is caught in a web of corporate espionage
in this gritty near-future techno-thriller… Brandt’s debut offers
intriguing possibilities for later books in the series.
– Publishers Weekly 

The Courier brings cyberpunk roaring back to life.
– Barnes & Noble

Starting today, THE COURIER is available in hard cover and ebook. The audio version is coming soon. You should be able to find THE COURIER almost anywhere. If your favorite bookstore doesn’t have at, just ask and they’ll bring it in for you.

McNally Robinson
Bakka Phoenix

Barnes and Noble
Indie Bound
Mysterious Galaxy


I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


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    My name is Kevin and when it was released in America on March 1st which is my birthday and I found the book that day and have loved it ever since.

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