A busy day with the boys

Well, what can I say.  Marnie had a crappy nights sleep ’cause Ryan crawled all over her last night.  I offered to go into the tent… I really did.

After Marnie left for work, and the kids had their breakfast, I decided to take them to The Forks.  It’s a local touristy type spot where two rivers meet.  They have a riverside trail that goes for quite a way, and I thought the boys would really enjoy a walk.  When we got there, I noticed that the water bus was in the process of opening, and I remembered how both boys had been asking so desperately to go for a boat ride… so much for the walk.  We hung around for a while, Jared lost his water bottle, we hunted for it.  Same-o same-o.  When the buses opened up for the day, on we went.  Normally it’s $3 per direction, but our driver told us not to worry about it.  He took us to the farthest point north and back again for one fair.  The boys didn’t have enough fun, so we did it again, this time heading west.  The water in the rivers is pretty disgusting, but the ride was fun.  Ryan’s face was just about ready to bust open with the grin he had on.  Jared took the ride in stride, and showed less raw emotion.  We all had fun.

We got back home in time for lunch and Halldor’s visit.  A good time was had by all.  Halldor ended up spending a couple of hours on his laptop, catching up on work email while he’s on holiday.  He took off just before supper, leaving half a beer unfinished.  Sacrilege, and wasteful.

The family headed to Costco after that, and I got a new laptop bag.  My old bag can’t handle the new 17″ laptop.  I was happy when I bought the laptop (and I still am, really).  I just wish I had gone for a smaller unit.  This thing can be a bear to carry.  Hopefully the new bag will make it easier.  The kids fell asleep on the way home, and we carried them into bed.

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