Some days, nothing goes right

I packed Marnie and the kids into the van this morning.  We were heading out to do some hiking in Whiteshell.  There’s a nice easy trail called MacGillvary Trail, that I thought the kids would really enjoy.  On the way there, we stopped at the Alfred Hole (yeah, A. Hole.  Funny stuff for a simple mind like me) Goose Sanctuary.  It’s mid summer and the number of geese was pretty small, only 145.

While we were there, we found that anything to do with the back country was shut down.  No hiking, no canoeing, no nothing.  We’ve been so hot and dry this year, that the fire hazard is EXTREME.  So, they shut down all access.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, I guess.  They even blocked the trail around the lake at the Goose Sanctuary!

Once we found out, we decided to add an hour onto our drive and head to Kenora.  They have this excellent ‘chip truck’ there.  Fresh cut potatoes, deep fried to perfection.  The best chips ever.  And guess what?  The chip truck was closed.  They ran out of french fries.  This was not turning out to be our day.

We ended up at a bar patio called Hap’s, and had some fries there.  They were good!  Then we drove home, put the kids into the tub, and relaxed for the evening.  The boys were actually in bed at their regular time!

And that, my friends, was my Sunday.

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