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A Slice of Life (Day ??)…

Well, I had to cut the finger nail off today.  it was getting caught on things and I didn’t want it to tear.  Now, I’m worried that the edge of the cut will catch and tear, but there’s no way I’m trimming that.  Maybe a bandage will help, but then it keeps everything kinda moist, which I don’t like too much.

A Slice of Life (Day 10)…

Well, it’s been a while since I posted pictures of my finger.  But, since I just got the stitches out, here they are.  Unfortunately, the images a bit blurry and overexposed, but it’s what I got.

I definitely have some dead skin that’ll fall off.  If you look at the first set of photos, you’ll see a whitish ridge near thye nail where the stitches went.  I have no feeling there at all, so it’ll scab off in awhile.  The rest of the finger tip, however, feels pretty good!

A Slice of Life (Day 4)…

I don’t see too much difference today from yesterday.  I’m considering leaving it out of the bandage for the rest of the evening, and maybe put it back in for the night (just so the edges don’t get caught on sheets, etc).  I think I’ll also soak it in warm, lightly salted water.  Hopefully that will get rid of the dry crusties.

A Slice of Life (Day 3)…

Well, things are starting to look better.  It’s actually quite amazing how fast the body heals.  I’m still about a week away from getting the stitches out, but things look better already.  I’m almost ready to say it looks like I won’t lose the part I cut.  It’s color looks good to me.

I’m not going to put a new bandage on right away.  I figure some air will do it good.  I just hope I don’t accidentally bang it anywhere.

A Slice of Life (Day 2)…

So, I had to take the bandage off my finger today and look at the ‘wound’.  I took some pictures, all of which turned out blurry.  Taking pictures with one hand isn’t easy.  Still, I’ll post ’em here.  Right at the seam, between the stitches (the stitch holes, I guess), it looks puffy and greyish white.  I’m hoping it’s just some swelling from the stitches, and not full of pus.

Tomorrows pictures (since I plan to document the whole process 😀 ) will hopefully be much better.  I’ll have the camera steady, instead of holding it in my hand.

A Slice of Life…

knifeOn Saturday night, we had our annual Barbecue for one of our kids classes as school.  This week was the Grade 1 class, and next week will be the Grade 3 class.

I heard the Grade 1 BBQ was a success.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t there to see it.  Ten minutes before the guests were supposed to arrive (about 30 in total, I think), I started cutting onions for the hotdogs.  About 9 minutes and 32 seconds before the guests were to arrive, I cut my self instead.  I almost ended up cutting the tip right off of my left hand ring finger.  My wife took me to the hospital, and friends (thanks Scott and Connie) took over the BBQ.

Marnie and I spent about 5 hours in the emergency room.  I now have 3 stitches holding the tip of my finger on, and I’ve been told I may actually lose the piece I cut.  It’s not that big a piece, but I find I’m rather attached to it.  Oh, and I have to check regularily for any green colors in the wound.  Great.

I’ve decided to take the bandage off Monday evening, to check the wound, and maybe see if I can get a smaller bandage on it.  Depending on how it looks, I may take a picture or two and post it here!

Typing is difficult, and I probably won’t be able to do any rock climbing when I’m in the Rockies at the end of July.  But, I’ll survive (we’ll see about the possible gangrene).

For some reason, none of the BBQ attendees ate any onions.