A Slice of Life (Day 4)…

I don’t see too much difference today from yesterday.  I’m considering leaving it out of the bandage for the rest of the evening, and maybe put it back in for the night (just so the edges don’t get caught on sheets, etc).  I think I’ll also soak it in warm, lightly salted water.  Hopefully that will get rid of the dry crusties.


  1. You’re sick, Gerald. Seriously.

    Self-inflicted scarring aside, however… I see nothing (so far) that would prevent you from climbing slabs. Now maybe if you’d cut off a toe or two as well…

  2. @1: Hi Ev. I love climbing. Really, I do! It just happens to scare the cr*p out of me.

    @2: Hi Rob. I hadn’t considered slabs. My bad. I’ll make sure Gregor finds me a couple!

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