Blood and Water TOC

The Table of Contents for Blood and Water has been posted.  It’s an honor to be included in such good company.

Drowntown by Camille Alexa
Bubbles and Boxes by Julie Czerneda
Phoebastria by Jennifer Rahn
Hard Water by Christine Cornell
Rabbit Season by Fiona Moore
Not a Drop to Drink by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime
Scrabbling By Isabella Hodson
Bad Blood by Agnes Cadieux
We Take Care of Our Own by Kate Heartfield
The Parable of the Clown by Derek Künsken
Blue Train by Derryl Murphy
The Cow’s in the Meadow, the Blood’s in the Corn by Margaret Curelas
Rash of Flowers by Ryan McFadden
This is the Ice Age by Claude Lalumière
Storm by Gerald Brandt
Little Canada by Kevin Cockle
Spirit Dance by Doug Smith
The Great Divide by Brent Nichols
Digging Deeper by Susan Forest
Watching the Human Garden  by Jean-Louis Trudel


Blood and Water will gather the stories of the new resource wars that will mark the next fifty years – stories of conflict and cooperation, of hope and despair – all told from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Conflicts with America over Canada’s resources, Canadian solutions to global problems or personal narratives of coping with change and conflict inspire the stories. (paraphrased from submission guidelines)

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