Short Story Sale

I’m pleased to announce my first short story sale.

Storm will be appearing in Blood and Water, an anthology edited by Hayden Trenholm, and published by Bundoran Press.

Blood and Water will gather the stories of the new resource wars that will mark the next fifty years – stories of conflict and cooperation, of hope and despair – all told from a uniquely Canadian perspective. Conflicts with America over Canada’s resources, Canadian solutions to global problems or personal narratives of coping with change and conflict inspire the stories. (paraphrased from submission guidelines)

Editor Hayden Trenholm is the Aurora and Sunburst Award nominated author of “The Steele Chronicles” trilogy and two-time winner of the Aurora Award for short fiction. He is also a produced playwright. In his other life, he has spent most of his career advising decision makers on critical issues around land and resources.

Since 2006, Bundoran Press has been publishing quality Science Fiction & Fantasy titles.

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