NaNoWriMo (end of day 4)

I figured when I started this that weekends would be difficult.  The kids are home all the time and Marnie is as well.  Saturday has (un)officially become my day to take off and have coffee with my friends for a few hours, but the rest of the day is family oriented.  As is Sunday.

All this sums up to be a slow weekend Nano-wise.  I got exactly 0 words on Saturday, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours on Sunday to the tune of about  2777 words.  That brings my 4 day total to 10236 words.  Not too bad a start.

Moral wise, the weekend did bring me down.  Just not being able to get the word count in kinda upset me.  From here on in, I'll take that into consideration a bit more, and make sure I'm right up to speed during the week. 

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