NanoWriMo (start of day 2)

So far NaNoWriMo is going really well.  I'm still not sure where everything is going, but I'm over 4000 words in on day 2, and I still have a few hours left to write today.

I've introduced the protagonist, a 16 year old girl name Kris, and I'm just about to completely destroy her world.  I probably spent far too many words on description and info dumping, but it all seems okay for now.  I'll fix it all up after Nano.  Nano rule number 1 is no editing.  Get the words on the paper and worry about editing it all later.

If I can keep going at this rate for awhile, I should be ahead of the game once I hit the week 2/3 doldrums.  At that point I'm gonna have to take a day to do some plotting anyway, since I've only plotted about 14 scenes (~ 20,000 words).

I've started using Q10 to do this work.  It's actually not bad.  A nice full screen editor that removes all outside annoyances.  Simply type and go.  It does simple editing, but it's not really designed for that.  I like it.  It's Windows only, but it runs under Crossover Office just fine, except that the real-time stats aren't.

When Nano is done, I'll have to look into writing one of these for native Linux.

edit: Day 2 ended on a bit of a lower note.  I got an excellent word count in, but the last hour was a struggle.  I prob waited to too late in the day to finish up.  I ended up with 4462 new words today, giving me 7359 words in total.


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