Kid's Summer Holidays

Well, we're just 4 days away from Jareds summer holidays.  Ryan started his at the end of May, so he's been home for almost a month already.  Once Jared starts staying home all day, it'll take a bit of the pressure off.  The pressure is that Ryan can't do anything by himself, he wants to play with me all day.  Of course, that's not possible.  I have a contract I need to finish off, which is way overdue, and I have all the other household stuff going on.  Spending 8 hours a day playing with Ryan is impossible.

The summer should be fun!  We're starting off by heading to the in-laws for the long weekend.  We're picking Jared up straight from school and driving out.  When we come back, we'll be doing cartown where kids between 4 and 7 learn how to drive.  I've heard it's a blast!  We'll also be doing a lot of camping (as long as the mosquitoes keep down), biking, and hiking.  I'm hoping to get Ryan on to 2 wheels in the next couple of weeks, which will make things better for him.

If I remember correctly, last summer passed by really quick.  This summer is likely to go just as fast, and I want the boys to have lots of fun! 


Overheard at breakfast
Jared: Ryan, what do you think is the highest number?

Ryan:  Ummm, the last number?


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