Summer 'Holidays' Begin

It's official, both boys are out of school.  Ryan got out at the end of May, while Jared got out the end of June.  Right after school was out for Jared, we hopped into the already packed van and drove out to see the in-laws.  Four fun-filled days later, I return to a messy house, and a project that is way behind schedule.

For the rest of the summer (besides completing the project this week), the boys and I will go camping, head to the beach, ride our bikes, and generally fill the days with fun in the sun and laughter.  Hopefully enough fun to have them fall asleep everyday the second their heads hit the pillow.  Their both in some library programs this month as well, so they'll stay busy!

Time to get back to my late project… so far the client doesn't mind, but that's no excuse! 

Oh, and Happy 4th of July to our American neighbors. 

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