A Dull Entry

Not too much to say today.  Yesterday was a mix of being rough and easy with the boys.  They managed to find stuff to do most of the day (of course I helped), and didn’t miss the camping too much.  But, no matter how busy I kept them, they still found time to get into a couple of fights/yelling matches.  Fun for all!

I’m still trying to get the house back in order after the camping trip.  Hopefully I can get all of it done before Marnie figures I’m slacking off too much.  And, I may have been.  I worked most of yesterday trying to get VMWare Server running under AMD64 Gentoo.  It’s working now, and should let me bring my number of servers down a bit.  I’m still not sure I want to though.  Hmmm.

Soul of the Samurai (Thomas Cleary)
– If anyone can point me to an authors web site, I’d appreciate it.

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