Back from Holidays

We are back from our holidays, and tomorrow we’ll be back into the regular grind.  The camping trip was a smashing success, even though we got hit by a bit of rain.  We ended up having an absolute blast with the swimming, hiking, and canoeing.

On the day we went canoeing, we stopped on a small island and had lunch.  The water was so clear that all of us basically jumped off a rock and went for a swim.  We brought the boys’ floatation vests, and they took to the water like fish.  Whenever we went swimming locally, they never really left the shallow end.  This week, they easily swam in 15 to 20 feet of water, and loved every minute of it.  Jared even swam with his face in the water, holding his breath.  Wow!

Since this was our first camping trip with the boys (except when they were very young), we weren’t sure what to pack.  As it turned out, we packed too much, and not enough stuff.  Too much food and not enough toys.  Too much cookware and not enough utensils.  Thankfully a couple of other campers lent us a bottle and a can opener.

The hikes we did were quite small, when compared to the 3.2 kilometer one I did with the boys a few weeks back.  Still, they were enjoyable and the boys loved them

Basically the trip was full of great memories, not enough pictures, and fun fun fun.  We can’t wait until we do it again.  Next summer, we’ll head out on more than one trip, and we may even try to squeeze a short one in before school starts in three weeks.

The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon (Stephen King) (one day for the novel)
The Stay-at-Home Dad Handbook (Peter Baylies)

I didn’t manage to squeeze in any more writing, the kid time was too precious.  But, I can honestly say that the novel and short story in progress were never far from my mind.  I think I’ve come up with some interesting stuff, if I can figure out how to squeeze them in.

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