First off, I’ve made another executive decision concerning this blog… all entries will be time stamped with CST, no matter what time zone I’m in. For example, it’s actually 10:24 PM where I am, but this entry is marked as 9:24 PM.

This was our first full day camping. It rained last night, quite a bit, but the tent stayed dry. I suspended a tarp over it before we went to bed. Right now, I’m sitting in front of a camp fire while Marnie and the boys are in the tent telling each other ghost stories. Jared likes to go on and on; maybe he has the story tellers blood. I would be proud.

The morning was spent in the van, mostly. With the rain and the wet, we decided it would be a good time to visit the local touristy area. We did, it was. The end. By the time we got back to the campsite, the sun was out and the day was beautiful. We had a quick lunch and spent the day at the beach. The boys made instant friends, which means Marnie and I got a chance to talk to other parents. One of the parents we spoke to lived only 5 miles (the next farm), from the child that was kidnapped and sexually molested a few weeks back. Bad juju.

Tomorrow we plan a hike and more beach time. More fun should be had.

The Stay-at-Home Dad Handbook (Peter Baylies)
(although I didn’t read a page today)

Outlined scenes 36, 37, 38, and 39 in the novel, then I got too tired. It’s wierd, the thoughts just flowed and the words in the outline came easy, but then I hit a brick wall. I need to sleep.

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