Driving Home

I spent the day in Calgary.  Gregor lent me his car, so I managed to get to Chinook Mall to buy some gifts for my boys.  I then spent the afternoon at Joey Tomatoes, reading and revising and outlining.

Right after Gregor got out of work, we loaded up his Gold TDI and started the drive back home.  Right now, we are outside Medicine Hat, and my laptop is, you guessed it, on my lap.

Kushiel’s Avatar (Jacqueline Carey)

This list is priceless, I recommend you read it!

I re-read the critiques of “Elya”, and this time it didn’t throw me into a funk.  I made a list of the top concerns, and edited the story.  The original is about 3000 words, but I deleted a scene or two, and added a bit more.  It looks like I’ll be at about 5000 words for the next revision.  We’ll see how it goes.

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