Ahh, what a day.  The kids (and I) spent a night in the tent.  It took them a LONG while to fall asleep, at least a couple of hours.  I found myself getting more and more upset with them.  Finally, I basically gave up, and left them to their own devices.  I crawled into the tent at about 10:30 PM, and they were sleeping like little angels.  And then they were awake at the regular time, which basically means they were operating on 2 hours less sleep.  That was not good.

By the end of the day, Ryan was bursting into tears for no reason, and Jared was slurring his words, sounding like a little drunk man.  When I finally got on the plane for Calgary, Ryan was crying almost uncontrollably, and Jared refused to let me out of a hug, telling me not to go.  How can he not want me to go, when all I’ve been doing for the week was yelling at him?  I dunno, and I don’t pretend to know.

I ended up sitting next to Brian on the plane.  I had interviewed with Brian several months ago, and if the family would have been willing to move to Calgary, I’d be gainfully employed.  They didn’t, so I’m a stay at home dad instead.  It was good talking to him, he’s a cool guy.

Gregor (my bro) picked us up at the airport, we had dinner and dropped Brian off at his hotel.

I’m now sitting in my brothers living room and typing in a short blog entry, while him and his wife sleep.  I already miss the boys, even though they have been absolute horrors this week, and I can hardly wait to see them again.  Tomorrow, I’ll buy them gifts and have them ready for my return.

That’s all from Calgary today.  Cya.

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The sixteen rules of fiction is a good read.  While you’re there, read his article on the DaVinci Code, it’s spot on.  Make sure to read some of his follow-up articles as well.

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