Quick 'n Dirty

Just a quick update for today.

Well, the boys were pretty tired today, and you could see it in the way they pushed things. Still, overall it was a good day. For lunch we went to the park for a picnic, and Jared and Ryan found some kids to play with. By the time we got home, they only had a few minutes to play before we went to pick up the new van.

The new van is a gorgeous blue, and it already came with the tinted windows and roof rack. It’s the exact same kind as we had before, a Toyota Sienna, but this one is a 2006. We’ve only had it a few hours, but boy is it nice being a two vehicle family again. With Marnie using her car for work, the kids and I were pretty much stranded at home or within walking distance. It was okay, but it made things like grocery shopping quite difficult. Marnie took the bus to work some days, but then she was inconvenienced for visiting clients. Well, problem solved and life moves on.

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