A lazy Saturday

I don’t think I’ll normally post on weekends, but this blog is still new so here goes…

What a great day.  The boys and I got along perfectly today, and we all had a fun time.  I took them to coffee with me, since Marnie is in Miami, and they ate and played and had a wonderfull time.  They never once asked to go home. When I finally said it was time to go, at about 3:00 PM, they were actually a tad upset.  That would be 3 1/2 hours at a coffee shop.  Well done.

After coffee, I had a kind of ‘adult withdrawal’.  It’s been 4 days with just the boys, and I craved some more adult interaction.  I love the boys to pieces, but for my sanity, I really need to maintain adult contact.  When Jared was at school, it wasn’t too bad.  I met the other parents when I dropped off and picked him up (plus some additional activities).  The summer is a little bit harder.  Maybe, as I mentioned in yesterdays post, routine is something I need as well.

So Gavin came over for supper (hot dogs) and beer.  It was good to talk about adult stuff.  The boys ended up sleeping together, and all is quiet.

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