Stick a fork in me, I'm done

11:30 AM
This is truly the first time I’ve felt like giving up.  Finding another job and putting the kids back in daycare.  I will title this ‘The week from hell’, although it’s really been almost two weeks.

Ever since the van accident, Marnie and I have been short with the kids (2 weeks, go figure).  This week though, I thought things had gone back to normal.  But, I must have done something that first week to justify this.  The boys just will not listen.  If I repeat myself in a ‘strong and firm’ voice over a half hour period or more, whatever I’m asking about will be ignored.  The boys refuse to do anything until I yell at them, and I’m telling you, after a half hour of being ignored, my yelling is not pleasant.  I’m not sure what got them into this mode, but I sure as hell hope I can figure out how to get them out of it.  ‘Cause I’m done.

Maybe it’s because their pattern is broken.  School has been over for 2 and a bit weeks, and thier usual morning/daily routine has competely disappeared.  Ok, so starting tomorrow, a new routine will be created for them.  Lets see if that will help.

7:30 PM
Well, to say the day ended on a higher note is not saying enough.  I sat down with the boys(again) and had a chat.  This one seemed to take a bit.  We also had a playdate this afternoon.  Fellow writer Mirrielle came for a visit and brought her son.  We chatted about various things including writing and kids, and all three boys played like angels.


This blog, that’s it.

We are thinking of starting a local writing group.  So far there is just the two of us, and we hope to have a third really soon.  Three or four sounds like a good number to me.  We’ll see what develops, and we hope to meet in three weeks.  We’ll send each other some samples of our work, and do a critique on them.  Heck, even the visiting is worth it.

With the visit, and the research I’ve been doing, I once again have a great urge to write.  I lost the urge for a few weeks, when I received some really bad critiques of my latest short.  Normally, bad critiques don’t bother me too much, but for some reason this one did.  Maybe I was too close, and didn’t see its defects.

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