My When Words Collide 2016 Schedule

I’ll be at When Words Collide again this year. This is my schedule:

Friday @ 2 PM in Parkland – Blending Genres
Friday @ 5 PM in Kananaskis 2 – Time Management or Hat Juggling for Authors
Saturday @ 4PM in Fireside – Science Fiction Book Social with Robert J. Sawyer
Saturday @ 8PM in Parkland – Autograph Session
Sunday @ 1PM in Banavista – Writing Trilogies

Blending Genres
We all know that authors like to hop from one genre to the next, but what about taking said passion for various genres and turning them into a veritable
smoothie of genre tropes? Come talk about blending genres together, and the challenges these kinds of endeavours (might) face.

Time Management or Hat Juggling for Authors
To succeed, authors have to treat their writing like a business, even if they don’t want to or feel they aren’t suited for it. With more work and less time,
everyone wants to know how to do it well and still make time for writing.

Writing Trilogies
Writing a trilogy is the writing equivalent of running a marathon. What are the pros and cons of embarking on such a creative endeavour? Four writers discuss
their experiences, focusing on the challenges and benefits from creative, timely, and business perspectives.

I’ll be around the convention all weekend, feel free to say ‘hi’!

** NOTE – All times and places subject change! Check the cons Program Guide.

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