Weekly Links 20090329

Another slow week for links.  Either the world is getting more boring, or I’m getting less interested! 😉


– the 10 coolest ‘multi functional furniture‘ designs.


– Usually, we think of spacetime as being four-dimensional, with three dimensions of space and one dimension of time. However, this Euclidean perspective is just one of many possible multi-dimensional varieties of spacetime. For instance, string theory predicts the existence of extra dimensions – six, seven, even 20 or more. As physicists often explain, it’s impossible to visualize these extra dimensions; they exist primarily to satisfy mathematical equations.

The Prisoner

– Nestled away on the coastline of Wales is Portmeirion, the town where they shot The Prisoner in the 1960s. It looks much the same as it did back then with its quaint architecture and beautiful scenery. And for the umpteenth time, Portmeirion plays host to PortmeiriCon this weekend — a convention devoted to the classic series. Hosted by The Prisoner Appreciation Society, also known as the website Six of One, the event offers both indoor and outdoor activities

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