Weekly Links 20090301


– I saw this picture and just bust a gut laughing.  Maybe I was in a weird mood.

– There was a huge racket this week about people finding the Lost City of Atlantis using Google Earth.  Google denied the fact, and even came up with an alternate explanantion.

– And the United States people wonder why they are in financial trouble.

– And now for a YouTube video link.  This is a parody on ‘No matter how much things change, they always stay the same.’

– I sent this link on a business card to a Designer friend of mine, Robert L. Peters from Circle [edit: at the time of this post, both sites seem to be down for some reason].  I thought this was a cool idea, and Rob pointed out that the environmental impact of the business card was quite high.  What do you think?

–  I found this video of a pretty cool climb, but I had some issues with it.  First is the camera motion.  Sure, technically I’d say they did pretty well: smooth motion, clean arc.  But it didn’t take me long to get nauseous.  The next thing I had a problem was the climber went off route on a red point.  She went so off route on the second clip in the video that she had to clip below her feet.  I’d really like to know what the person who set the bolts thought the route should have been.

Natalija Gros from Jure Breceljnik on Vimeo.


– I wasn’t quite sure where to put this, but since I didn’t have any links for writing this week, I figured this was a good spot as any for the Grammer Nazis.

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