Weekly Links 20090125


There’s a long history of syncing mobile devices with Linux.  That long history is mostly filled with one device not synchronizing, followed by another device not working, followed by another. Help may be here.


Achieving a feat that seemed impossible not so long ago, a team of scientists working with the Hubble Space Telescope captured the first visible-light image of a planet orbiting another star.

I saw this picture, and it was just too funny.

teleportA qubit walks into a bar, unsure of whether to order drink A or drink B. If the bartender asks the qubit what it wants, the qubit will collapse and be destroyed. But now researchers can instantly teleport the original, intact qubit to another “bar” far away.


it seems series developer id Software is looking to grow the series at least a little beyond those simple roots. In an update to his personal Web site, British author Graham Joyce announced that he is now working on id’s upcoming Doom 4.

The Books and Authors blog talks about how Science Fiction has changed and some books that are against the trend.


Monks just wanna have fun.

Jason Winter monitors his entire houses power usage, non invasively, and tracks the data on the web.

Some of the world’s most stunning visions of space are made possible with Photoshop. The ability to combine vibrant colors, photo manipulations and ethereal effects makes the software ideal for this kind of work. Here are 40 incredible visions of space from four extremely talented Photoshop artists.

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