Holidays are Done

Well, holidays are over, and my contract work is almost done, so no more extra long weeks.  Things should get back to normal.

My family and I spent the last week camping in our new pop-up trailer.  A treat for us, since we’ve been tent camping for so long.  And what a nice treat.  A propane fridge and stove (the stove I’ve always had), being able to sleep off the ground.  It’s just more… civil.  I’ve been a hard core camper, and for a while I had a van I converted myself, but a pop-up is just great.  This is the second full week I’ve had in the trailer.  A couple of weeks back, the boy and I went out alone (for a week), and it was just as relaxing.

I have a list of things to do, things that have been put off for quite awhile.  It’s time to get the list out and get to work on it.

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