Where has the month gone?

Here it is, well into the month already, and I’m not sure where the time went.

Let’s see what I did:

  1. A lot of work on WordSlinger. I broke it adding folders to the draft/scene area, but it’s almost working now.
  2. Tore apart our bathroom and started rebuilding it. The previous owners of the house glued linoleum 4 feet up the walls, and trying to take it down destroyed the plaster and lathe walls. Doh. I also found rotten wood and some mold. Not nice.

Well, that’s it. Two items. Granted, both took a fair amount of work, and neither are finished, but still… Time to get back to a regular schedule.


  1. Yikes…your bathroom was a bit gross I guess. HAve fun. Next time, do it while I’m there and I’ll help you.

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