NaNoWriMo (Start of Day 20)

Well, it's just after eight in the morning, and I've got 1,819 words done so far.  Getting up early in the morning is great!

After I hit the Nano 50,000 mark, I had a hard time getting back into it.  Hitting 50K was hard, what the hell was I thinking?  But I put my butt into the chair and got to work.  I'm now just over 57K because of it.  Go me!

I seem to have another problem though.  I'm churning through my scenes way too fast.  A scene that I thought would be about 1500 words turned out to be slightly less than 950.  That's a huge difference, and may affect my final word count.  Now, granted, I tend to write fairly lean and add description later, but that's not what I've been doing with the first 50K.  Why the change?  I dunno, maybe because some of the pressure is off.

At any rate, I'm forging ahead.  With some luck, by early to mid December I'll be able to put the first draft to bed and let it sit for a couple of months before I start revisions. 

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