NaNoWroMo (End of day 10)

It's been a few days since I updated the blog with my Nano progress.  Overall, I'm ahead of the game.  If I stay at my current pace, I should reach the 50,000 word mark around November 20th.  If I continue to the end of the month, I should have a little over 80,000 words. We'll see what happens.

The last few days have been interesting, I went through a major slump a few days back.  I'd written up to the point of my outline, and all I had left were single line descriptions of some scenes.  Not exactly what I wanted to happen, but I was expecting it. Just not so soon.  It all resulted in a couple of really tough days, but I managed to work past that, and things went good today.

I am, however, out of detailed scenes again.

I'll spend a bit of Sunday morning fleshing things out a bit more, and the rest of the day trying to hit a high word count. 


  1. Hey, Gerald. I am amazed at people like you who can plot and detail in advance of writing. But then you’re probably as amazed at people like me who write from the seat of their pants. Maybe it’s amazing that anyone gets any writing done?

  2. When I first started writing (I did short storys) I went by the seat of my pants as well. I liked the way the story came to me as I wrote. Usually I had the basics set in my mind, including the ending, and just went for it.

    When I started on novels, I thought it would be too much to keep in my head. Multiple plot lines, a multitude of characters and places. So I started outlining. I like it much better.

    I still vary from my outlines, but at least I’ve thought about what’s going to happen. It makes course correction easier.

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