Two Wheels of Fun!

It's official, we're a two wheeled family.  This weekend, my youngest (4 years old) learned how to ride a two wheel bike.  His training wheels are in the garbage!

The entire lesson took about 1/2 hour on Saturday, and on Sunday we went for a ride with the entire family.  Jared got a bit upset, since it wasn't the fastest ride (he's 6), and he kept having to stop and wait for Ryan.  Still, it was fun.  We'll be taking the bike when we go camping for sure!

On another note, the blog seems to be slowing down a bit during the summer holidays.  I'll see what I can do about that. 

(July 17th update: The whole family went for an 8 km bike ride in Birdshill Park.  Both boys did exceptionally well!  Fantastic!) 

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