Early Rising II

There seems to be some sort of block at 6:00 AM.  Moving from a 7:00 AM wakeup to a 6:00 AM one went very smoothly.  The alarm would go off, I'd get up and start the day.  Getting past 6:00 AM has been a bit of a challenge.  The alarm is set for 5:45 AM, I turn off the alarm, and hang around in bed for 10 minutes.  Not exactly working.  I think I'll try one more day at 5:45 AM, and move to 5:30 AM anyway.

I started getting up early in order to get more writing time.  I am managing to stay off the internet, and I did write 200 crappy words this morning, but I'm not seeing the progress I want.  Most mornings I've been working on a contract technical document, which is not why I'm doing this.  Switching from the technical writing to the fiction writing is a tough switch;  I find myself using more of a passive voice.  

I'll keep plodding along.  If this getting up early thing doesn't work, when I go back to regular hours it'll be like I'm getting 2 hours of extra sleep. 

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