So, I've tried getting up early. Since it's only been going on for five days, I can't report too much. I'm now getting up at 6:30 in the morning, and I'll do that until Wednesday. On Wednesday I'll switch to 6:15 and see how that goes.

Of course, since I'm up at 6:30, my oldest son is now getting up before 7:00. He used to be like clock work and wake up at 7:15. Let's hope that doesn't continue, since the reason I want to change my wake-up time is to avoid the kids and get some writing done.

I was talking with a friend the other day about kids TV shows. The 'Treehouse TV' kind of shows: Backyardigans, Sunny Patch, Dora the Explorer, etc. It's amazing how a supposedly adult mind can get sucked into these things. Sometimes, when the kids leave to get dressed and brush their teeth in the morning, I'm still watching the show to see how it ends. Yuck!

At least we don't watch Barney or TelleTubbies!

And finally, my youngest got very upset the other day. He found a book of his called Snuggle Puppy A Little Love Song by Sandra Boyten. He was upset because he looked for it all Mothers Day and couldn't find it. And now that he found it, she wasn't around to read it to/with him.

Addendum: I'll be at Winnipegs local Science Fiction/Fantasy/Gaming Convention this weekend. KeyCon is held on the May long weekend of every year. Last year I met and talked with Robert Sawyer, and this year it will be Kevin J. Anderson and Rebecca Moeste, which should be fun.

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