My wife, the geek.

So, Marnie calls me this morning from her car. She wanted to remind that Jared had Computer Club after school today. After checking my calendar and verifying for her that, yes, he did indeed have computer club today, we started to chat.

I happened to mention that I was pouring a cup of coffee, which she hadn’t been able to do yet this morning.

“So, whatcha doing?”, Marnie asked.

“Pouring myself a coffee.”

“Oh, mock me.”, she whispered back.

“Mmmmm, this is really good. Yum…”

“Amadeus”, she said.

“Excellent coffee really… did you just say Amadeus?”


“Mock me, Amadeus?”


“You’re a geek”, I said.

We laughed, said our goodbyes, and hung up the phone. Good times.

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