Back to Work

The holidays are over, and life must get back to normal. My “holidays” are over now that Marnie is back at work. Holidays in quotes simply because I’m always at work, that’s the life of a stay-at-home parent. It was nice to share some of that over Marnie’s holidays, and we both got some extra work done because of it.

We got a cat shortly after Christmas. A brown and black tabby that looks exactly like the cat used in the opening scene of the first Harry Potter movie. We named her Minerva. (The reference isn’t that weak, so I know you cn figure it out!) I grew up with cats, and both boys have played with cats extensively. I knew Marnie was allergic, but she didn’t tell me how badly! As it turns out, everyone in the family is allergic. I’m starting to feel better as time passes, as are Jared and Ryan. Marnie on the other hand is battling a cold, so no one knows how much of her plugged up nose is due to the cat.

Why a cat? Well… At some point over the last 3 weeks, a mouse or two got into our house. Don’t ask me how, if I knew that I would solve the problem at the source. We caught 3 mice, and thought that was the end of it. No mice in the traps, no sign of mice anywhere. Everything was nice. One night last week, I woke up to a noise on my nightstand. I looked and saw two beady eyes looking back at me. The beady eyes formed into a baby mouse that jumped from the nightstand onto the bed. I screamed like a girl, and Marnie yelled something about buying a cat. I did.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas (and for those that don’t celebrate Christmas, a wonderful Holiday Season), and brought in the New Year in an entirely excellent way.

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The Ruby Knight by David Eddings

This is the second book of the series, and I’m truly finding it a grind. The protagonists never really seem to have any serious difficulties. There are set backs, and since the premise of the novel is time based/constrained, it certainly adds a level of tension, but it doesn’t really work for me. Everything just seems to be lining up too nicely in The Quest, and I find myself quite bored at times. I’ll finish the trilogy, but it’ll be tough.

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