Christmas 2006

Christmas has come and gone. The Boxing Day madness is still here, and since most stores extend the ‘day’ into a week, it will continue. I think I’ll just sit at home and watch the kids play with their new toys. I got to do all the cooking and cleaning this holiday, which is fine by me. I watched as Marnie slowly went insane assembling various small pieces of Lego into ships and catapults and what not.

We spent Christmas Even with family. There were only about 13 of us this year, what with various members of the family having babies or traveling around the world. It was nice. Christmas Day I cooked a turkey. It was bigger than I thought, and we’ll be eating turkey for quite a while. I ended up falling asleep on the couch while everyone else played. Life is good.

Today, Marnie sent me down to the office to do some writing. I did a bit, and then felt guilty about the languishing Blog. Such is life.

I hope everyone had a wonderful time this Holiday.

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