First WIP Milestone!

So, it’s the young ones birthday today. We’re not doing too much special today, but the ‘kids’ party is on Friday, and the family party is on Sunday. Even my bro will be here for that! I’m very much looking forward to his visit.

Anyway, the look on Ryan’s face was priceless this morning. For the last year, he’s always heard me ask ‘Who’s my favorite 3 year old?’ This morning when I asked ‘Who’s my favorite 4 year old?’, he grinned, went kinda shy, and pointed at himself. Wheee!

I’ve noticed something. When I’m neck deep into my WIP, the blog languishes by the wayside. Interesting. I’m guessing it’s just because of the limited hours in a day. I hope y’all (yes, y’all can easily be translated to ‘my single reader’) don’t mind.

And speaking of the WIP, it’s progressing. I’ve officially brought the word count down from 100,000 words to 90,000. At this point, I don’t think I’ll reach 100,000. Heck, at this point I’m not sure I’ll reach 40,000. I’m hoping my ‘instincts’, as much as I can have them on my first novel attempt, holds true. This being draft zero, there are a lot of sections of simply telling. And, as we all know, when the showing starts, the word count goes up. Saying ‘Bob was mad’ could easily turn into a paragraph showing that Bob was mad.

I’m hoping anyway. I’ve decided not to worry about it too much (only about 100 times a day), and just complete draft zero. I’ll worry about everything else later.

You may have noticed I’m calling it draft zero. My personal opinion is that the first draft is such a hodge podge that it can’t really be called draft 1. There is tons of telling, a few POV issues, and I seem to be moving from 3rd person present tense to 3rd person past tense at random. What I will call my first draft will first and foremost solve those problems. Draft 2 and onwards will start looking at other things.

I’ve passed what I will call ‘The First WIP Milestone’. I have over 10,000 words in 11 scenes. I’ve outlined 41 scenes, which is why I’m concerned about word count. Still, I’m happy!

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