Plod plod plod

Well, we got snow. Not a lot, and it most likely won’t be sticking around, but snow none the less. I don’t think our temperature went above 0 (Celcius) today, even though our normals should be up around 12. Brrrrr. Cold.

I’ve got Jared into the lunch program at school tomorrow, so I don’t have to be home for most of the day. I have a few longer errands to run, and it’ll be nice not having to look at the clock. I’m still hoping to get some writing done in the afternoon.

As for writing, not a bad afternoon for me, about 1200 new words on the WIP. I was hoping for a tad more, but the wife will be out of town for the next couple of days, so I’m going to spend the evening with her. I’m hoping to standardize the times I write, but we’ll see if the kids let that happen.
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