It's sometimes too much

I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out lately. It seems that I always have more work to do in a day than I actually have time for, and that includes the writing I want/need to get done. Sadly, the stress is being taken out on not only myself, but on those around me as well. I’m pretty short tempered on an average day, and when I’m as stressed as I feel now — look out!

So, with that in mind, I’ve decided to change some stuff around here. I will always be driven by the clock, since I have to get Jared to and from school on time. It’s how I deal with the clock that will change. And how I handle interruptions (for example, right now I have to read Jared a book. I promised, and now I have to squeeze it in before he leaves for school. So be it, I’ll be back).

Okay, it’s now almost an hour later. I have to leave to pick Jared up for lunch in 2 hours and 15 minutes. No too bad this morning. I’ll finish up my thoughts, and then head out for some grocery shopping.

I certainly need to be more flexible with with my time. Since ‘my time’ is essentially set by ‘kid time’ I have to be flexible. I think my priorities will look something like this.

  1. kids
  2. writing
  3. housework
  4. other stuff

Television used to be a big thief for me, but I now have that down to less than 2 hours a week (Survivor and Criminal Minds). When Battlestar Galactica gets started it’ll be slightly less than 3 hours a week. I think that’s pretty good.

As long as I can keep in mind that I need to be flexible, I think things will be better. I hope.

I’ve brought my WIP counter in house…
[pfmeter id=1 target=100000 progress=4491]

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