Once again, progress is made

You know, I truly hate being sick. That being said, I have an excuse not to do too much housework, which means I had a chance to re-read and modify my novel outline. I have a couple of more scenes to add, and I should start writing on Friday. That’s actually quite a relief. I’ve been working on the outline forever (or so it feels), and I either need to start writing the damn thing or dump it all together.

Going through the outline felt good though. It’s the first time I’ve looked at it as a whole unit in quite some time, and the plot felt solid and always forward advancing. The build up of conflicts and the resolutions felt well timed as well. We’ll see what happens once it’s written.

I actually took a break in adding the new antagonist scenes to write in the blog (I’m a bad boy), so I think I’ll be heading back to it now. Oops, what I mean is “Arrr Matey, I’ll be gettin’ back to task at hand… ya scurvy dog”. 😉

Soul of the Samurai (Thomas Cleary)
– yes, it is taking a long time.

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