WordPress is up

The WordPress blog is up and limping.  Most of the main pages look good, and display the infromation I want.

First, I tried to take a WordPress theme/template and convert it to look like the rest of my site.  Sadly, my CSS is not up to par, and I failed miserably.  I then attempted to take my CityDesk template and shoehorn it into WordPress.  It has worked, kind of.  I think I’ll still work on getting CSS working, since my nested tables are a bit of mess.

At any rate, I can get on with my life.  I’ll work on the remaining pages over the next few weeks.

The boys were wonderfull while I was doing all of this.  They played quietly and barely got into any fights.  I made sure to thank them personally throughout the day.  So often, we only give negative feedback.  I’m working on re-enforcing the positive as well.

Soul of the Samurai (Thomas Cleary)
– If anyone can point me to an authors web site, I’d appreciate it.

Gardens of the Moon (Steven Erickson) (link 2)

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