The Flow of Time Changes on Holidays

Well, holidays are proving themselves to be tough on writing (and blogs)!  Let’s see if I can quickly summarize what’s been going on…

I drove into Saskatoon yesterday, for a quick visit with Ann and Pauline.  It turns out that I managed to land on Pauline’s birthday for the second year in a row.  Dumb luck, I call it.  The date is now in my calendar, so instead of fluking into it, I can actually plan it out next year.  Since it was her birthday, I picked up lunch.  And, since I picked up lunch for Pauline, I got Ann’s as well, which kinda threw Ann into a funk.  She recently got a part time job, and with the extra cash she was making, wanted to pick up the tab for all of us.  Me, being the thick skinned scum-bag that I am, didn’t pick up on her sense of pride, etc, etc.  I’m hoping by the end of the visit, she was over it a bit.  My bad.

Darryl and Diane came over for a two day visit before that.  That can make Gramma’s house a little tight, let me tell you!  We ended up with six adults, two kids, and Abby (yes, they brought the dog).  Abby was brought up to be a house dog, unfortunately she is quite large, which can be problematic at times.  She’s a great dog though, which helps a lot.

That just about summarizes the last three days.  I’m actually posting this on the fourth, in the morning, but I’m going to date it to yesterday.  The eternal optimist in me thinks I may actually get out another blog entry today.

It looks like I can’t post this at all… the server seems to be down, although every other system appears to be up.  Figures.

Blue Bamboo – Japanese Tales of Fantasy – Osamu Dazai

I haven’t actully gotten any writing done, but I have managed to think up another sub-plot for the novel.  It should increase the scene count, which should in turn increase the word count a bit.  At my current scene count (outline only), I’d guess I’m at about 80,000 words, and I need to be at 100,000 at least, so the extra scenes should help.

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