June 2015 Goals

First, a summary of how I did on last months goals.

  • (100 %) KeyCon is coming up fast.  I’m on several panels, and I have a reading planned.  I’ll be reading fromThe Courier, due out in March, 2016 from DAW.
  • (70%) Complete and polish the first 50 pages of the second Courier book, tentatively call The Novice.
  • (70%) Complete the scene list for The Novice.

So, not too bad, I guess.  My reading at Keycon went okay.  I’ll need to practice more before the books launch.

For June, this is what I hope to do:

  • Attend the Rocky Mountain Writers Retreat, and write write write.
  • Finish polishing pages for Courier 2.
  • Complete outline of Courier 2.
  • Create simple small synopsis for Courier 3.
  • Get Courier 2 package to Sara at kt literary, and maybe the brief synopsis for Courier 3.

That’s quite a lot, especially considering this post is late — it’s already June 10!

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