Weekly Links 20081207


Although the Linux file system is one of the most important pieces of an operating system, we generally put little thought into them these days.  Put bits in, pull bits out.  It usually works well enough for desktop systems – until the power fails – but even that is usually pretty painless these days.


Tor has an article on swearing in Genre fiction.

JA Konrath has an article on a writers discipline. Not an easy task for writers. There are so many failures for so few successes, and not many ways to truly measure the impact of your efforts. This means that success or failure is largely arbitrary, based on your personal goals, And those goals can change. This can result in lesser efforts, which almost always yield lesser results.


Robbie Cooper’s film stills capture children’s faces as they play violent videogames and form the basis of an art project that could also help us understand the effects of spending time in a virtual world. Sam Leith reports.

no matter what industry you’re in, your duty as a manager is to motivate your employees and provide them with the tools they need to get the job done. Here are five timeless management laws that have stood the test of time.

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