Weekly Links 20081026


Seriously, I didn’t even know these books were still being written:
“What man, in his deepest heart,” asks John Norman, “does not want to own a female, to have her for his own, utterly, as a devoted, passionate, vulnerable, mastered slave, and what woman, in her deepest heart, does not want to be so intensely desired, so unqualifiedly and fiercely desired, that nothing less than her absolute ownership will satisfy a male, her master?”

Apparently, Science Fiction hates itself.  Here we find out why.


An organism that was discovered in a South African gold mine, nearly 3km beneath the Earth’s surface, has scientists “buzzing with excitement” because it offers fascinating evidence that life could exist on other planets, say reports.


Natalie Portman and Rashida Jones present a solution to the global economic crisis.

I’m a meat eater.  Being a vegetarian just isn’t something I could do.  When I saw this, I just had to laugh.

The British team that claimed the land speed record in 1997, taking a car through the sound barrier for the first time, is planning to go even faster.  The video is quite well done.

Botanicalls opens a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.  This product uses an open source hardware design, which is cool.


The differences between a Mac and a WIndows PC can sometimes be quite striking.  This picture sums up a couple of differences.

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