Life continues…

Talk about a slow blog period!  Things have actually been happening, but nothing really blog worthy.

I managed to get out for a motorcycle ride last weekend… took a long ride out to the Whiteshell area and did some nice twisty roads.  Too bad they're falling apart and covered in potholes and sand.

I'm heading out to Calgary next week.  My Bro is back from his year long sabbatical, and I'm visiting with him for a few days.  It should be fun!  I got him more of this, and as long as he doesn't feed it to me, I'll be okay.

The revision is going well.  I have some slow days, of course.  For example, this morning I only got about 350 words.  On average I'm doing about 1500 words a day.  I'll have to put the revising on hold for awhile due to NaNoWriMo, but hopefully I'll be fairly far along when that starts.

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