From the mouth of babes…

Yesterday, Marnie was driving the boys home from soccer (I was out).  This is the conversation they had:

"'How does Uncle Gregor have enough food?" asked Ryan.
"Why do you want to know?"  Marnie asked in return.
"Because he lives in his car!" said Jared.

Later at home, the conversation resumed with:

"How does he get books?"
"How does he get money?"

Hey, Marnie and I thought it was hilarious!  My brother does live in his car! (It's an secure link with a bad certificate, just click past the warnings to get through)



  1. Janice and I steal food from supermarkets and occasionally old people and vagrants. For money we hang around parking meters hoping that someone will drop a coin without noticing. To date we have eaten 3 turkey dinners, 4 roasts, and a partridge in a pear sauce. We also have over $3000 in quarters and loonies.

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