And the world shifts

I’m not sure what is going on here. It’s as though my entire world has gone topsy turvy, and I’ve lost what level of control I had.

Last week was the boys birthday, and I think that’s where it all started. We had birthday party after birthday party, family over for dinner, etc. And I haven’t recovered yet. I still (yes, still) have dishes left from the Sunday dinner. It’s not much, just a couple of glasses really, but still. The house is a horrible mess. And I’ve written about 1000 words this week.

And that’s just not enough. To meet my deadline, I now have to write 1200 words a day, which can feel like a lot. What I seem to have done is slip back into full research mode. And it’s a waste of time. I really haven’t learned anything new.

I wish I knew what happened to me this week.


  1. Gerald…RELAX! Sometimes you’re really going to hit your stride writing and knock off thousands of words a day…other times its going to be tough to get out 100 words that aren’t crap. Cut yourself a little slack…you’ve been busy in your real life.

    Take a deep breath, get centered and write.

    This message brought ot you by your friendly neighborhood slacker!


  2. I wish I could do that. Sadly, I seem to be from the ‘butt in chair everyday’ group before I feel like I’ve done anything.

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