The Late Post with Gerald Brandt

Man, this blog thing either has to become more of a habit or get dumped. Five days since my last post. Yikes. Something has to change here.

The weekend was good, well, Sunday at least. Saturday (during the day) was pure hell. Marnie had to work Saturday, so I had the kids. Normally, this would not be a problem, but it seems that the more I stay at home with the boys, the more I look forward to, and even need, a bit of slack time on Saturdays. I need to know that I can share the responsibilities of the boys with Marnie. Having them for the extra day makes me a tad short with them. Again, normally not a big deal, but this Saturday they both seemed to forget how to behave like human children. The day (mid-afternoon) ended up with us leaving coffee early, and Ryan having a forced nap in his room. The boy hasn’t napped in over a year, but I had more than enough!

After the nap for Ryan and a quiet time for Jared, both boys found thier human halfs again and life continued. We ended up at an outdoor wienie roast and chili eating evening at fellows writers Nicholes place. Fun for all.

As for writing, well… I seem to have had a tough time with the start (it didn’t help that I didn’t have much actual time). So, this is where I am…

It’s a good 382 words though (I think).

Isaac Asimov on computers.

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